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Shri Ram Sena – Bunch of monkeys

So a lot happened after Mumbai carnage. Our Home Minister was kicked out. No questions asked. He was not accountable for anything. Probably he would have enjoyed his winter in some warm beach in Bahamas taking a break from his hectic useless schedule. Maharashtra deputy chief minister would have gone to take a lesson in communication skills because he always spoke wrong things at right time. Pakistan in the mean time, after series of denial, has accepted Pakistani soil was used in planning the Mumbai attacks. Immediately Zardari says Taliban is all across Pakistan and soon there is Sharia law in SWAT valley in Pakistan. These are only dots in the landscape. And I am unable to connect these dots. And I am sure they are related. In home, after infamous Most Notorious Sena (MNS), we have one more Sena in making, Shri Ram Sena. They don’t want couples to celebrate Valentine’s days. Wow. What a national issue. And then we had a “pink chaddi” campaign from the rebels.

Bottomline is after much hue and cry over Mumbai disaster, we are back to square one. “Hindu” newspaper in Chennai used to publish articles about people and their family who got killed in the carnage. A very low number, in terms of Indian statistics, were killed on 11/26, but it forever ruined families of thousands. And nobody remembers them. Still they narrate a pathetic tale of support which they are getting from Government. We had a robust demonstration near Gateway of India. Anger poured like Mumbai rains. Raj Thackeray didn’t even a mumble a word. All politicians locked up inside their home. Now months after 11/26, when elections are near, they are appearing back with same old gimmicks. Play with minds and emotions of people. Amar Singh is back with his manipulations. Congress is clueless. And BJP suddenly remembers Ram. Left is all left with their patronage for China and hate for US. And we poor souls have been given a responsibility to chose among the lesser evils. Though its sham to vote for someone whom you know ( and that’s 100%) will be of no use, lets still make that lesser evil choice (or else you would be served tea by some morons ..jaago re).

Before Mangalore pub incident, hardly anybody new about Shri Ram Sena. So they kind of got successful in getting substantial media coverage after commiting this repugnant act of terror against women. Few people, media in particular, compared these goons with Taliban. I think they are even worse than that. Taliban, though are primarily driven by religion and commit all acts of terror, are not a coward lot. But our guys (all these Sena) are not only bunch of losers but also cowards who show their masculine strength by molesting women. It’s just a ploy to lift their failed status. And here comes our politicians again. The Karnataka CM comes against pub culture, indirectly ratifying his goonda elements. No wonder they got free within 24 hours of their arrest. Last I heard a case has been filed against Mrs. Renuka Choudhary for raising her voice against this incident by Mangalore mayor. Though she herself is guilty of running a flawed “pub bharo andolan“. While all this happened, nowhere to be seen and heard was Sonia Gandhi. Well it was not surprising though. She and her team are incapacitated to make or take any decisions. And while I prefer to remain an even critic of all politicians but in this case will make an exception. I believe BJP is directly or indirectly is responsible for this. The whole malicious “Hindu” thing started by them has only worked as a catalyst to this shenanigan. Thanks to CM of Karnataka (at least one sound decision); these hooligans most of them were behind bars on Valentines’ Day, but still some thugs did manage to ease their testosterone rush by harassing few couples. The incident is only getting old in people’s mind and within no time we shall all forget and this act of terror will be just added as ‘one more’ into the list of atrocities against women.

As a nation we should collectively bow our head in shame for all the evils, which our incompetent and indecisive politicians, in alignment with criminals and these hoodlum senas, have given to us.