About Ashish

Ashish Kumar

 Remember Hotel California:  ’we are all just prisoners here, of our own device’.

  Ashish Kumar is a technically challenged technocrat trying hard to find his ways in a road which  multi-furcates (excuse my selfish improvisation of English language) in several directions. Started to become an Army man during school days , desperately sought to become a Marine Engineer in college days , landed up doing Mechanical Engineering and got a job in Software consultancy. Then vague imagination of becoming an Actor culminated, which soon cremated with gentle reminders from friends – I suck. I constantly sought permission from my wife to give audition for Indian Idol. She kept refusing, saying I sing well but she doesn’t want her husband to be ridiculed ( read butchered) by Anu Malik in front of the whole nation.  

Well currently aspiring to be a politician.


I support Barack Obama. 



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