Blood Pressured

We shall never forget!

India Shooting

Last week we saw an unprecedented and by far the bloodiest attack in the history of independent India. It took 3 days to flush out terrorist holed up in hotels and finally when they were neutralized, we had already lost close to 200 people and many more injured. This was an attack to the very core Indian ethos, an attack which proves terrorists in India can strike at their will, and an attack which exposes our timidity and vulnerability to our enemies. Once again we will forget and praise the Mumbai spirit for letting it go and get back to normalcy. Lest we forget, it’s not the spirit which brings normalcy; it’s the compulsion of bread and butter.

While tranquility prevails in the areas which got attacked but this brings a storm of questions with it. Who did it? Who planned it? Who executed it? Who is responsible? Were we informed? While the Indian media, specially the pathetic Hindi new channel, have been speculating on answers to these questions, to me all these questions seem irrelevant. The point is we have been attacked, and we have been attacked regularly, and we have been attacked at the free will of the terrorists. And to our shame we have been attacked by the same people again and again. As the saying goes Fooled once shame on you, fooled twice shame on me. Yes shame on us.

A quick introspection on many pointers may lead us to think why as a nation we have failed to protect common citizens.

Indian Politicians- A dog’s tail: I feel pity for this lot. Really I do. Last of couple days purely depicts they are in state of panic. But what is more repugnant that they are in panic is not because the country has been attacked but because they are out of excuses to defend themselves and out of reasons to divert people’s attention. They are desperate to get their godly image (which they never had) back again and frantic to get their countenance back on television and public life. These bunches of impotent jokers have brought this country into such a situation, where a common man has lost confidence in its own government. And they still like a moron appear in television to give their views. Some are so brazen that when a martyr’s father refuses to meet them then rather accepting the father’s grief, they make abusive statements.

The government finally let go the Patils go, who together were making mockery Home Ministries. They, like retarded individuals, came after every attack and made the same rotten statements. I know its difficult to be in their shoes but I also know they were gutless and spineless creatures who could have done something over years. All they did was warming up their asses sitting in air conditioned offices. I am sure their resignation came as breather to them. No questions asked. Sir you are fired. Oh OK. Thank you. Who the f**k is going to hold them responsible for their gross ineptitude and sheer ignorance towards India. Mr. RR Patil remarked “bullets will be replied by bullets” when poor Rahul Raj was murdered for brandishing a pistol in BEST bus. Suddenly we saw RR Patil’s inflated chest for gunning down a poor soul. And now after the Mumbai attack Mr. Patil does a DDLJ: “Bade bade shahron me choti choti batein hoti rehti hai”. What a crap?

Pakistan- State of denial: “Who me?” Pakistan has been a country in a state of denial for decades. With every terrorism charges made against Pakistan, their response has been ‘who me?’ kind of , as if “what on earth you are talking about?” But the fact is every nation knows that is the state where exactly terrorism emanates. That’s the state – mother of all . But what have we done with them till date. Their men hijack a plane and get a top terrorist freed. And all of them roam freely in the Pakistan. Pakistan denies that. Indian media publishes the “the White House” of Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi .Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows Dawood is in Karachi. Pakistan denies that. They need proof. Kashmir armed struggle is supported by Pakistan. They deny this again. Its moral support what they call. They ask for evidence for their every damn misdeed. And our government, happy wearing bangles, has been tolerating their act like a lame duck for decades. And I am sure this incident will be no different.

Sure enough Pakistan has bigger problems, which is nothing compared to India. Yes we have been attacked, the worst attack of its kind. But see Pakistan, a country on the verge of bankruptcy, being droned by Americans every now and then. The Pakistan government will make a hue and cry that drone attacks will not be tolerated. The get bombarded the very next day. And then we have militants on the streets, covertly supported by ISI and Army. The civilian government can’t even think of daring the army establishment. And that’s the sad part, even though the Zardari aka. Mr. 10% wants to do something, he will not. In fact he can’t. And this turmoil doesn’t seem to end. And that of course is bad news for us because India’s growth is directly linked with Pakistan’s stability.

I just hope our politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary , media , police rises to this occasion and do something for this country, for a change. And I hope the NSG go train themselves little more, because guarding politicians over years, I am afraid have made them soft. Or else it doesn’t take 3 days to take down 4 terrorist.


One response to “Blood Pressured

  1. Very good article. rightly said .
    We need a revolution in this country and stop blaming others for failures of ours.

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