The Terrorism Transition

I am not flattering myself when I say my geography is pretty good. I don’t make inquisitive face when I my friends say they come from Ongole or from Trichy , although I generally have hard time explaining where Ranchi is to some of my friends. Thanks to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has made this task far simpler. Anyway, I claim that my geography is good by actually I never knew where Malegaon is. Not until when one Sadhvi and a Colonel got arrested for alleged connection with some bomb blast. Ignorance again, I didn’t even know that we had a bomb blast in Malegaon. There were so many blasts in last couple of years that it’s almost difficult to remember all (pun intended!). So there were many arrest made in connection to the blast and a new face of terrorism comes in limelight, Hindu terrorism.

It’s difficult for India to digest this new chapter in terrorism because all these years we have been fed and fed with knowledge and information of only one kind of terrorism i.e. Islamic terrorism. So obviously there will be uneasiness around but the fact is like everything else, terrorism is evolving. The root is same, trees are different. It’s all based on common ground of hatred. Hatred is what our government, political parties, hungry media and religious leaders have been teaching us for many years. Hatred, a connivance of all. After hearing so much of Pakistan, ISI, SIMI, Mujahedeen, at least the new terrorism has a new look and feel but sure not new. Islamic terrorism is a reality but Hindu terrorism has always been dormant. It showed its face in 84 Sikh riots, when we killed officially more than 3000 Sikhs. Why? Because our PM was murdered. It erupted again in 92’ mosque demolition and 02’ Gujarat riots; there it was around 800 Muslims. And most recently in Orissa, we created mayhem, because we were angry with Christians, because Christians converts Hindus. That gave the crowd right to kill people and rape nuns. What a shame? If I am hungry for 5 days, I would convert to anybody’s damn religion, if he offers me food. Bajrang Dal never goes and finds if somebody is hungry, they sure go kill people who converted hungry individuals. Not justifying either’s action. And definitely not ignoring the facts that Hindus have suffered a lot, but still that gives no right for us to become intolerant,reactive and immoral citizens.We crib a lot about racism in US and UK but in fact we are more racist than any other country. Racism is all about being intolerant. And intolerance runs in our blood.

Few political parties have pledged support for the Sadhvi and colonel. Mr. Advani, sensing huge political mileage, recently voiced his opinion for the alleged culprits. And our Prime Minister was quick enough to call Mr. Advani to question him. That’s a different story he didn’t have courage to speak to Amar Singh when he actually questioned the recent Batla House terrorist encounters in Delhi, in which one Delhi Police officer was killed. Sure we have a Sikh Prime Minister, but almost all 1984 rioters and murderers roam free today. And sure enough our Prime Minister partners with people like Lalu, Mulayam or Ram Vilas who were open, candid and supportive of an organization called SIMI. But guess what? Still this Prime Minister is the best we have in the lot. He is still the man who needs to be supported because core within he is honest and secular.

Sure enough in coming days , there’s more to see in this new transition of terrorism.


2 responses to “The Terrorism Transition

  1. Hindu Terrorism evolved in response to bomb blasts where thousands of Hindu are killed.
    Vande Mataram.

  2. Prigya sadhvi is covering the media these days for as a mastermind to MALEGAON blast and others.
    there is no scope for suspect of any kinds because many hindu black sheeps LIKE SADHVI,SADHU are coming out from dark by ATS.
    india are painning from terrorism for many years.when
    The blast take place any where,name of muslim comes and accuse firstly without any investigation.the hindu hardliners have abused to muslim and branded islamic terrorist.
    but now they are silent or supported her with proud for being a hindu terrorist.
    It is true that no religion of world allowe to terrorism these words now decorated to hindu lips.
    the hard punishments should be given every terrorist whater he or she muslim or hindu.
    this kinds justic will make india
    super power brotherhood nation.

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