Shri Ram Sena – Bunch of monkeys

So a lot happened after Mumbai carnage. Our Home Minister was kicked out. No questions asked. He was not accountable for anything. Probably he would have enjoyed his winter in some warm beach in Bahamas taking a break from his hectic useless schedule. Maharashtra deputy chief minister would have gone to take a lesson in communication skills because he always spoke wrong things at right time. Pakistan in the mean time, after series of denial, has accepted Pakistani soil was used in planning the Mumbai attacks. Immediately Zardari says Taliban is all across Pakistan and soon there is Sharia law in SWAT valley in Pakistan. These are only dots in the landscape. And I am unable to connect these dots. And I am sure they are related. In home, after infamous Most Notorious Sena (MNS), we have one more Sena in making, Shri Ram Sena. They don’t want couples to celebrate Valentine’s days. Wow. What a national issue. And then we had a “pink chaddi” campaign from the rebels.

Bottomline is after much hue and cry over Mumbai disaster, we are back to square one. “Hindu” newspaper in Chennai used to publish articles about people and their family who got killed in the carnage. A very low number, in terms of Indian statistics, were killed on 11/26, but it forever ruined families of thousands. And nobody remembers them. Still they narrate a pathetic tale of support which they are getting from Government. We had a robust demonstration near Gateway of India. Anger poured like Mumbai rains. Raj Thackeray didn’t even a mumble a word. All politicians locked up inside their home. Now months after 11/26, when elections are near, they are appearing back with same old gimmicks. Play with minds and emotions of people. Amar Singh is back with his manipulations. Congress is clueless. And BJP suddenly remembers Ram. Left is all left with their patronage for China and hate for US. And we poor souls have been given a responsibility to chose among the lesser evils. Though its sham to vote for someone whom you know ( and that’s 100%) will be of no use, lets still make that lesser evil choice (or else you would be served tea by some morons ..jaago re).

Before Mangalore pub incident, hardly anybody new about Shri Ram Sena. So they kind of got successful in getting substantial media coverage after commiting this repugnant act of terror against women. Few people, media in particular, compared these goons with Taliban. I think they are even worse than that. Taliban, though are primarily driven by religion and commit all acts of terror, are not a coward lot. But our guys (all these Sena) are not only bunch of losers but also cowards who show their masculine strength by molesting women. It’s just a ploy to lift their failed status. And here comes our politicians again. The Karnataka CM comes against pub culture, indirectly ratifying his goonda elements. No wonder they got free within 24 hours of their arrest. Last I heard a case has been filed against Mrs. Renuka Choudhary for raising her voice against this incident by Mangalore mayor. Though she herself is guilty of running a flawed “pub bharo andolan“. While all this happened, nowhere to be seen and heard was Sonia Gandhi. Well it was not surprising though. She and her team are incapacitated to make or take any decisions. And while I prefer to remain an even critic of all politicians but in this case will make an exception. I believe BJP is directly or indirectly is responsible for this. The whole malicious “Hindu” thing started by them has only worked as a catalyst to this shenanigan. Thanks to CM of Karnataka (at least one sound decision); these hooligans most of them were behind bars on Valentines’ Day, but still some thugs did manage to ease their testosterone rush by harassing few couples. The incident is only getting old in people’s mind and within no time we shall all forget and this act of terror will be just added as ‘one more’ into the list of atrocities against women.

As a nation we should collectively bow our head in shame for all the evils, which our incompetent and indecisive politicians, in alignment with criminals and these hoodlum senas, have given to us.




Squeeze your heart.

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Blood Pressured

We shall never forget!

India Shooting

Last week we saw an unprecedented and by far the bloodiest attack in the history of independent India. It took 3 days to flush out terrorist holed up in hotels and finally when they were neutralized, we had already lost close to 200 people and many more injured. This was an attack to the very core Indian ethos, an attack which proves terrorists in India can strike at their will, and an attack which exposes our timidity and vulnerability to our enemies. Once again we will forget and praise the Mumbai spirit for letting it go and get back to normalcy. Lest we forget, it’s not the spirit which brings normalcy; it’s the compulsion of bread and butter.

While tranquility prevails in the areas which got attacked but this brings a storm of questions with it. Who did it? Who planned it? Who executed it? Who is responsible? Were we informed? While the Indian media, specially the pathetic Hindi new channel, have been speculating on answers to these questions, to me all these questions seem irrelevant. The point is we have been attacked, and we have been attacked regularly, and we have been attacked at the free will of the terrorists. And to our shame we have been attacked by the same people again and again. As the saying goes Fooled once shame on you, fooled twice shame on me. Yes shame on us.

A quick introspection on many pointers may lead us to think why as a nation we have failed to protect common citizens.

Indian Politicians- A dog’s tail: I feel pity for this lot. Really I do. Last of couple days purely depicts they are in state of panic. But what is more repugnant that they are in panic is not because the country has been attacked but because they are out of excuses to defend themselves and out of reasons to divert people’s attention. They are desperate to get their godly image (which they never had) back again and frantic to get their countenance back on television and public life. These bunches of impotent jokers have brought this country into such a situation, where a common man has lost confidence in its own government. And they still like a moron appear in television to give their views. Some are so brazen that when a martyr’s father refuses to meet them then rather accepting the father’s grief, they make abusive statements.

The government finally let go the Patils go, who together were making mockery Home Ministries. They, like retarded individuals, came after every attack and made the same rotten statements. I know its difficult to be in their shoes but I also know they were gutless and spineless creatures who could have done something over years. All they did was warming up their asses sitting in air conditioned offices. I am sure their resignation came as breather to them. No questions asked. Sir you are fired. Oh OK. Thank you. Who the f**k is going to hold them responsible for their gross ineptitude and sheer ignorance towards India. Mr. RR Patil remarked “bullets will be replied by bullets” when poor Rahul Raj was murdered for brandishing a pistol in BEST bus. Suddenly we saw RR Patil’s inflated chest for gunning down a poor soul. And now after the Mumbai attack Mr. Patil does a DDLJ: “Bade bade shahron me choti choti batein hoti rehti hai”. What a crap?

Pakistan- State of denial: “Who me?” Pakistan has been a country in a state of denial for decades. With every terrorism charges made against Pakistan, their response has been ‘who me?’ kind of , as if “what on earth you are talking about?” But the fact is every nation knows that is the state where exactly terrorism emanates. That’s the state – mother of all . But what have we done with them till date. Their men hijack a plane and get a top terrorist freed. And all of them roam freely in the Pakistan. Pakistan denies that. Indian media publishes the “the White House” of Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi .Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows Dawood is in Karachi. Pakistan denies that. They need proof. Kashmir armed struggle is supported by Pakistan. They deny this again. Its moral support what they call. They ask for evidence for their every damn misdeed. And our government, happy wearing bangles, has been tolerating their act like a lame duck for decades. And I am sure this incident will be no different.

Sure enough Pakistan has bigger problems, which is nothing compared to India. Yes we have been attacked, the worst attack of its kind. But see Pakistan, a country on the verge of bankruptcy, being droned by Americans every now and then. The Pakistan government will make a hue and cry that drone attacks will not be tolerated. The get bombarded the very next day. And then we have militants on the streets, covertly supported by ISI and Army. The civilian government can’t even think of daring the army establishment. And that’s the sad part, even though the Zardari aka. Mr. 10% wants to do something, he will not. In fact he can’t. And this turmoil doesn’t seem to end. And that of course is bad news for us because India’s growth is directly linked with Pakistan’s stability.

I just hope our politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary , media , police rises to this occasion and do something for this country, for a change. And I hope the NSG go train themselves little more, because guarding politicians over years, I am afraid have made them soft. Or else it doesn’t take 3 days to take down 4 terrorist.

The Terrorism Transition

I am not flattering myself when I say my geography is pretty good. I don’t make inquisitive face when I my friends say they come from Ongole or from Trichy , although I generally have hard time explaining where Ranchi is to some of my friends. Thanks to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has made this task far simpler. Anyway, I claim that my geography is good by actually I never knew where Malegaon is. Not until when one Sadhvi and a Colonel got arrested for alleged connection with some bomb blast. Ignorance again, I didn’t even know that we had a bomb blast in Malegaon. There were so many blasts in last couple of years that it’s almost difficult to remember all (pun intended!). So there were many arrest made in connection to the blast and a new face of terrorism comes in limelight, Hindu terrorism.

It’s difficult for India to digest this new chapter in terrorism because all these years we have been fed and fed with knowledge and information of only one kind of terrorism i.e. Islamic terrorism. So obviously there will be uneasiness around but the fact is like everything else, terrorism is evolving. The root is same, trees are different. It’s all based on common ground of hatred. Hatred is what our government, political parties, hungry media and religious leaders have been teaching us for many years. Hatred, a connivance of all. After hearing so much of Pakistan, ISI, SIMI, Mujahedeen, at least the new terrorism has a new look and feel but sure not new. Islamic terrorism is a reality but Hindu terrorism has always been dormant. It showed its face in 84 Sikh riots, when we killed officially more than 3000 Sikhs. Why? Because our PM was murdered. It erupted again in 92’ mosque demolition and 02’ Gujarat riots; there it was around 800 Muslims. And most recently in Orissa, we created mayhem, because we were angry with Christians, because Christians converts Hindus. That gave the crowd right to kill people and rape nuns. What a shame? If I am hungry for 5 days, I would convert to anybody’s damn religion, if he offers me food. Bajrang Dal never goes and finds if somebody is hungry, they sure go kill people who converted hungry individuals. Not justifying either’s action. And definitely not ignoring the facts that Hindus have suffered a lot, but still that gives no right for us to become intolerant,reactive and immoral citizens.We crib a lot about racism in US and UK but in fact we are more racist than any other country. Racism is all about being intolerant. And intolerance runs in our blood.

Few political parties have pledged support for the Sadhvi and colonel. Mr. Advani, sensing huge political mileage, recently voiced his opinion for the alleged culprits. And our Prime Minister was quick enough to call Mr. Advani to question him. That’s a different story he didn’t have courage to speak to Amar Singh when he actually questioned the recent Batla House terrorist encounters in Delhi, in which one Delhi Police officer was killed. Sure we have a Sikh Prime Minister, but almost all 1984 rioters and murderers roam free today. And sure enough our Prime Minister partners with people like Lalu, Mulayam or Ram Vilas who were open, candid and supportive of an organization called SIMI. But guess what? Still this Prime Minister is the best we have in the lot. He is still the man who needs to be supported because core within he is honest and secular.

Sure enough in coming days , there’s more to see in this new transition of terrorism.

Gunda”Raj” in India………Can we have Britishers back please?

Not sure how many of us saw Maharashtra Home Minister Mr. R R Patil after the assassination of the said Mumbai Best bus hijacker, a teenager called Rahul Raj. Mr. Patil came to defend Mumbai Police saying it was an apt reply from police. It was bullet for bullet. His chest was inflated with confidence and he was running high on testosterone and adrenalin was pumping his vascular system. What an achievement! The same minister few weeks earlier looked a frail, feeble and dumb character when he was asked any question related to Raj Thackeray. The same trigger happy Mumbai police, who looked more afraid than Raj Thackeray while arresting him, took no time to press their triggers against an innocent man. Well I say innocent because if the guy wished he could have killed anybody with that gun but he didn’t. His co-passengers were interviewed with many channels and everyone made clear that he had no intentions to hurt anybody. That still makes him at fault because after all he was threatening the people by a wavering gun. But not a fault, which could prompt Mumbai Police to actually open fire. And this followed a mindless killing of a person followed by immoral justifications from Home Minister and Police.

Now we hear that a laborer from Uttar Pradesh was battered to death because of a quarrel over window seat in a local train. Haven’t seen Mr. Patil yet on television to comment on this incident but reportedly he has mentioned that this was not a hate crime. I just pray he is right, for a change. This entire episode gave a great photo-op for our Bihari leaders. All three Nitish, Lalu and Ram Vilas appeared on TV and gave their share of speech and probably went back to their home to celebrate Diwali. Raj Thackeray would have had a happy Diwali too at his home. And of course Mr. Patil and Mr. Deshmukh would have enjoyed their Diwali too. And amidst this 1000 crores cracker extravaganza what we call Diwali, little we realize that a family was torn in Patna and fifteen year old was left without her father in Gorakhpur. Yes the government did announce a package in the latter case to compensate for the death and their job was done.

So with all these happenings in recent past, I think it’s time for us to introspect and analyze who we are exactly fighting with. Is Pakistani terrorism really a threat for us? That kills human beings only. And we are used to that now. But these politicians and I mean all of them, from Mumbai to Delhi and from Patna to Lucknow, are killing minds. Few are actually injecting venoms of hatred and few are just capitalizing on this to secure their vote banks. With all fire around, our great Indian media, especially Hindi channels are always ready to pour in gasoline over this fire. Because media have their own TRP to take care of. Not a single soul in the power hierarchy is really bothered. And worst, the problem has just started, because of lack of intellectuals in politics. We have few but they are old and will retire in few years. The next breed of politicians will even be more dangerous because they are the people, who are coming from university politics (mostly dropouts) and who want to get high on money and power.

At the age when India is sending spacecraft to moon, it’s a sham that we are still fighting over religion and region like a bunch of school going kids. Politicians, it’s time to grow up and don’t put us into a thought process that the Britishers would have ruled us in a far civilized manner than what we are under you.

The whole things reminds of George Carlin’s famous saying For thousands of years all the bloodiest and most brutal wars have been based on religious hatred. Which of course, is fine with me; anytime “holy” people [read politicians] are killing one another, I’m a happy guy……but please, don’t kill each other and give me that shit about sanctity of life.”

MNS… kid in town.. Most Notorious Sena

Hats off to Raj Thackeray. He is a true genius. He got away from his uncle’s party and everybody thought it was a suicide for him . But look the way he has survived. Today he is basking in glory of being soul well wisher of Marathi Maanus in general with a massive public support. One can’t deny the supremacy of his sheer ploy of hijacking one of Shiv Sena’s agenda. Bal and Uddhav Thackeray would be banging their head and grinning somewhere in the corner. That was one master-stroke from Mr. Raj in the filthy platform of rotten Indian politics. So undoubtedly he has increased his vote bank by playing partisan politics. And for Raj Thackeray , North Indian agenda had to happen as the Hindu- Muslim agenda was old , insipid and bland. He wanted something fresh. While North Indian card is not new as this was played few decades ago by his Uncle , but still it gives a vivid picture in the minds of Marathi people.

He says he is fighting for Marathi pride and betterment of Maharashtra state. Its noble thought. And who can have problem in such kind of fight. But how exactly Marathi pride is restored if we resort to ruthless battering of poor Biharis or UP’ites? How exactly Marathi pride is restored if all the shopkeepers write their sign boards in Marathi out of fear? Pride is inculcated. It is not thrust upon. How exactly Marathi pride is restored if Marathis outside Maharashtra start getting physically abused by people of other state? This is extremely folly of him and depicts a deranged state of mind. Insanity at its apogee.

I am not sure how much he or his followers are educated. But I wish I could get few basic questions answered by Raj Thackeray or his followers. What is his exact contribution to state to Maharashtra till date? I see him on television for every trivial issue. Either he is dictating his norms about Marathi language in signboards or his hatred towards North Indians, or he will be spewing venoms against the Bachchans. So what is his contribution really? Did we hear anything from him about the farmers who are committing suicide in Maharashtra? What plans he actually have for slum rehabilitation in Mumbai? What about the thousands of homeless people in Mumbai? How does the current financial condition across the globe impacts Maharashtra and what plans he has for the betterment of the people/state/economy in case the state is hit severely. I am sure neither he nor any of his supporters would have any answers for these questions. I am even sure few would be even scratching their head over the last questions. And that’s the reason I call him genius. In short span, without having any core issue, he has made big strides. I am not kidding when I say Bal Thackeray would be grinning in some corner.

Raj Thackeray is no different than any other politician who looks for fake agendas to incite people and garner support from masses. And we masses have always failed to realize the true spirit behind these agendas. Many Hindu organizations such as VHP and Bajrang Dal has been vociferous on “Cow slaughter” but few realize that in India the maximum death of cows happens because of cows eating plastics or polythenes from trash. Never saw these parties actually raising anything related to waste management or strengthening voice against use to polythenes. Lalu Yadav called Raj a “mental case”. For a change he is right. But see who’s talking here. It’s Lalu Yadav, the man who ruled Bihar for 15 years and actually put the entire development into a standstill. Part of the blame for this menace actually goes to the leaders of Bihar and UP for this menace. Both the states are in shambles. For half a century, their leaders have been bullshitting and we have seen hardly any progress there. No wonder people migrate to other states for work. And this migration is bound to cause some ripples. Continuous migration causes pain to everybody. Whether its Bangladeshis in India, or Biharis/UP’ites in Mumbai or as a matter of fact Indians in America.

Well Raj Thackeray got what he wanted. He got enough footage in national television. He sure got to divide people based on their region as dividing people based on religion was already a successful mission of his elders. Few morons who are agnostics of his greater plans will go ahead and make him their hero not realizing the fact that you don’t preserve Marathi culture by mulling few North Indians. Marathi is a great culture and no one doubts that. It deserves all respect from all section of people who live in Mumbai or Maharashtra but we need to be wary of fake caretakers of this language.

Mortgage Crisis – Dummy’s Guide

Recently I was preparing for an interview for one of India’s top notch business school program. My shortlisting was quite a surprise to me and they called me for an interview. Since it was a business school interview, I was sure I need to armed , loaded and empowered with all information on current Wall St crisis in US. And how it impacts global economy . And of course its impact on Indian IT Industry . This entire ball game of mortgage crisis or credit crunch was a nut shell to me. I never understood E of economics and dynamics of global economy were beyond my comprehension. It is something similar to one of Sardar friends analogy(no kidding) about the movie “Matrix” . I humbly asked seeing his perplexed face “Sir jee movie samajh me aayee?” And his very honest reply “Yaar Amrica to apne ko samajh me aati nahin hai …aur yeh Matrix to Amrica se bhi sou saal aage lagya hai …Jab Amrica samjh me nahin aati hai to Matrix kya samjhenge..! “ . So that was my trouble with Economics and Global Mortage Crisis.

Anyway I did gather all the information and gradually things started becoming more clear. The entire gamut of sub prime loans is like a spider web. Entangled. And luckily before the interview I got one of those unsolicited forward mails from one my friend explaining the entire crisis in very simple pictorial manner. And that said it all.

Publishing this material as I don’t see any copyright notice in that.

Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis – Pictorial Simplification

( statutory warning: this document contains some obscene words which makes this more interesting. )

Anyway nothing on economy or of that sort was asked in my interview. I was instead explaining the panel about the sheer magnitude of Grand Canyon. And the awesome Niagara Falls. Well yeah, I was just replying to their questions. Felt like a complete jerk . Not sure how they calibrated me but one thing is sure that they would have laughed their ass off after I left the interview room. Fingers crossed.